Thanks For Scheduling Your Call!

Please mark your calendar…..

For now, here’s what you should do to prepare for the call

First, make sure you’re able to be in a quiet, comfortable place so we can give each other our undivided attention. We want to make sure all of your questions are answered and your concerns are addressed.

Next, spend some time before our call thinking about your goals, what you want, and what you believe may be stopping you from achieving them. We witness our partners go through life-changing transformations every day, and can quickly identify what’s holding most people back.

Finally, spend a few minutes going through some of the testimonials from other people who have partnered with us, and the stats you see below. We can take all day telling you what we’re capable of, but we believe their stories give you better insight into how we’re changing lives and businesses.

The Most Common Questions We Get Asked...

Will The 420 On Demand System work if I’m techno-phobic?
Oh, heck yes. All you need is the ability to Sell Cannabis, we take care of everything else. If you can log into your email and answer the phone when hot leads are calling, you can make this happen.
Do I need a ton of experience or past Patients?
Nope. We’ve actually partnered with a few shops who got their license that week and had absolutely incredible results. We’ve worked with Multi-Million Dollar Retailers and had the same results as a brand new Retailer, the only real question is the work ethic. 
How is this system different than others that claim to help with Patients? 
There are a lot of ways to get Cannabis  “patients,” and hundreds of “Marketers”. From what we’ve seen, nothing else out there actually CALLS and QUALIFIES every Patient that is generated. Remember, advertising is just one part of our system, we call, email, and reach out to the Patients on your behalf for months in order to Get them to not only order the first time. But time, and time again.
Secondly, it’s the source and quality of the patients.. Most of your run-of-the-bill agencies charge $5,000-$10,000 a month, and make you wait 60-90 days before you see your first delivery patient. 
I’ll take a system that instantly generates me results, and nurtures my patients for me any day!
Will you try to “hard sell” me on this call?
As a Shop Owner, and being in a cut-throat space like Cannabis; we can smell the “hard sell” a mile away, right? 
So, no. We won’t “hard sell” you. 
But we will ask some pointed questions and get to the core of roadblocks in your business growth, and explore whether or not the 420 On Demand System can help you pave through those obstacles.
If after the call, you don’t feel it’s a fit, then we can part ways, no problem. We’re all friends here. 
If you want to move forward, we’re thrilled to have you on board and can’t wait for you to get started. 
Is there any sort of guarantee? 
Yes! We guarantee that if you keep on doing everything you’ve been doing, you’ll keep on getting the same results you’ve been getting.
No, but in all seriousness YES WE DO GUARANTEE OUR RESULTS.
That’s right, we have a Fully-Backed Guarantee, I was told that I was crazy to offer this and that people would take advantage of me, but as a Cannabis Entrepreneur myself I know most of you have been burned before and I want to make this as much of a no-brainer as possible.