Cannabis Marketing:
Why Do Instagram Bans Happen?

Let’s face it, we’re in an Industry that is plagued with routine Instagram bans.

But, a few companies, don’t seem to be bothered about this…

Check these two out 👇

👆 Notice something about the way they post content?

If not, let me break it down for you.

  • It’s NOT that they have some secret relationship with Instagram
  • It’s NOT that they are somehow “Gaming the system”

They are doing Instagram… The. Right. Way.

And what is the right way, you might ask?

It starts by understanding one basic but SUPER important principle.

“Instagram is a place where you grow your community NOT where you sell Cannabis Products.”

Now take a deeper look into those images above 👆
You’ll notice a split between two types of content.

  1. Community Focused Content
  2. Product Sales Focused Content

Ask yourself… if what you’re trying to achieve, and what the platforms meant for is the same thing: Community Building.

Do most of your posts fall into the "Product Sales" category…?

Think about it, I challenge you to audit your last 10-20 Instagram Posts… Are you community focused, or product focused?

If your answer is Product Focused.
(like me in my early days, and like most Cannabis Shops today)

Then this is the reason you are getting banned.

Think about it.. Instagrams terms of service clearly states:

“No Cannabis or Fed Deemed Illegal Drug Sales…”

So STOP selling! And start posting about your community!!!

So let’s lay down a few “non-product post” ground-rules…
No Sales Promos
No Links Bac

Here’s some Bad-Apples you DO NOT want to look like:

Instead focus on: 

  1. Community Generated Content
  2. Testimonials 

Want our top 10 Tips and Tricks around how to DOMINATE community generated content?

We have a guide on just this coming out on this soon!! 👇👇👇

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See you there! 👋

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